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2022 Campaign Finance Bills

1.  Disclosure. Sen. David Suetterlein SB 67, Sen Barbara Favola, SB318, Sen. Jeremy McPike SB 222, Sen. David Suetterlein SB 233 Del. Tim Anderson HB86, Del. Glenn Davis HB125, Del David Bulova HB500, Del David Bulova HB 495, Del Dan Helmer HB489 , Del Dan Helmer HB1302

2. Oversight. Del David Bulova HB 492

3.  Restricting personal use of campaign contributions. Making unlawful the conversion of political contributions for personal use. Del Marcus Simon HB 973, Del Mike Cherry 1296, Sen. John Bell SB 463

4. Limits on contributions to candidates for statewide office and the General Assembly. Sen. Chap Petersen SB44, Del. Tim Anderson HB85, Sen. Morrissey SB111, Delegate Rob Bloxom HB174, Del Schuyler VanValkenburg HB 575

5. Other: Extending the Joint Subcommittee on Campaign Finance Reform. Del David Bulova, HJ53

6.  Banning contributions to candidates from public utilities. Sen. Chap Petersen: SB45 , Del. Lee Ware HB71, Del. Kelly K. Convirs-Fowler, HB 524

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