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2020 Campaign Finance Bills in Virginia

1. Limits on contributions to candidates for statewide office and the General Assembly. Sen. Chap Petersen: SB488, Sen. Adam Ebbin: SB889, Del. Mark Levine:  HB895

2.  Banning contributions to candidates from public service corporations. Sen. Chap Petersen: S.B. 25  and the companion bill in the House: Del. Joshua Cole: HB111

3.  Restricting personal use of campaign contributions. Making unlawful the conversion of political contributions for personal use. Del Marcus Simon HB 848 – Sen Dick Saslaw: SB166.

4.  Disclosure related to political campaign advertisements. Del. Marcus B. Simon: HB849. Political campaign advertisements; disclosure requirements; advertisements placed or promoted for a fee on an online platform. 

5.  Public financing of elections. Del. Marcus B. Simon: HB851.

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