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2021 Campaign Finance Bills in Virginia

1. Limits on contributions to candidates for statewide office and the General Assembly. Sen. Chap Petersen: SB1233 DIED

2. Prohibiting contributions from corporations. Del Lee Carter: HB 1906 DIED

3.  Banning contributions to candidates from public service corporations. Sen. Chap Petersen: S.B.1236  DIED and the companion bill in the House: Del. Ibrheem Samirah: HB1756 DIED

4.  Restricting personal use of campaign contributions. Making unlawful the conversion of political contributions for personal use. Del Marcus Simon HB 1952 DIED

5.  Comprehensive Study on Campaign Finance Reform. Del. David Bulova: HJ526. Establishes a joint subcommittee to study comprehensive campaign finance reform in the Commonwealth. PASSED

6. Resolution supporting an amendment to the U.S. Constitution (converted from a “memoralizing” resolution to one commending American Promise). Senator Deeds and Delegate Mullins SJ314 PASSED

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