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FAQS: Often Asked Questions

Constitutional Amendments

Money in Politics

Money in Virginia Elections

How are constitutional amendments passed in the United States? Click here

Why do we need a constitutional amendment?
Click here

What about run-away conventions when the Article 5 convention approach is used? Click here

Examples where constitutional amendments have overturned Supreme Court rulings Click here

A Quiz: Check out your knowledge of the amendments? Click here

What is the problem with too much money in politics?Click here

What is the history of Supreme Court rulings on money in politics? Click here

What are the implications of too much money in politics?
The Brennen Center, Open Secrets

What is “Dark Money”?
Click here

American Promise: More about the proposed constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United
Click here

How much money is spent in Virginia elections?
The SenateHouse of Delegates

How do campaign finance limitations in Virginia compare to other states?
Click here (Hint: We are one of only 5 states with no campaign finance limitations)

How much does it cost to run for office in Virginia?
Click here

How does Virginia fare in terms of ranking for ethics and transparency? Click here (hint: it’s not good)

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