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If you think that money in politics is corrupting our elections and adversely affecting our public policies, join the democracy advocates in the Virginia chapter of American Promise to take action.

Raise your voice: it just takes a click.

  1. Plan on attending our January 24th Democracy Day rally in Richmond. We start off the day with a 8 am rally at the Capital Bell Tower. Enjoy a day of fun, talking to legislators, learning about the bills and issues through technical discussions, lunch in the Suntrust building. Your voice can make a difference. JOIN US AND RAISE YOUR VOICE!   💥💥
  2. Send a letter to your Virginia legislators and the Governor telling them that you are disappointed that while 80 percent of Americans want to get money out of politics, only three out of two dozen campaign finance bills were passed out of the 2022 General Assembly. Just click and send.
  3. If you are a group, sign onto our advocacy letter which supports campaign finance reform in Virginia, as well as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which allows Congress and the states to regulate election spending.
  4. Are you a business? Join the American Promise National Business Network.
  5. Sign a petition supporting campaign finance reform in Virginia to be shared with Governor Youngkin, Senator Saslaw, Delegate Filler-Corn and the heads of the Senate and House Privileges and Elections committees. We hope to get 6000 (at least) signatures by December.
  6. If you are interested in working on passing local resolutions in your city and/or county, let us know ( You can see local resolutions which have been passed in Virginia on our Legislation/Resources page.

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